AINSTEC has developed the fully-sensing intelligent technology chain from MEMS manufacturing process and driver control technology to system architecture and deep learning algorithms. We realized high-speed and high-precision 3D reconstruction and recognition through MEMS chips (eyes) and ultra-low-power dedicated AI processors (Brain), transforming the 3D physical world into the 3D digital world.

The key performance of our 3D smart camera module and solid-state lidar have reached the same level as leading foreign companies. Our technology can be widely used in many applications such as biometrics, machine vision, new retail, smart home, autopilot, robotics, game, video, AR/VR design, etc. which requiring 3D modeling and spatial recognition. As an upstream technology supplier in the industrial chain, we will greatly drive the development of 3D-sensing intelligent industry and empower our customers and society.

Development history
In 2006

The SINANO was established.

In 2009

Academician shoujue wang established his high-dimensional bionic informatics and application laboratory

From 2010 to 2011

Many overseas doctors returned to SINANO to work on memory chips and MEMS chips

In 2016

"GAN" laser display technology was awarded "excellent" in the "major breakthrough" project of Chinese academy of sciences

In 2017

"Tusholdings AI chip and system laboratory" was established, and a new batch of world champion AI algorithms and chip leading teams joined SINANO

In 2018

Sipac supports Ainstec to set up and promote the perceptive intelligent chip industry

Ainstec's mission is to inherit the tradition of independent innovation and hard work of Chinese academy of sciences, create enterprise value with core technologies, and build Ainstec into a world-class r&d enterprise. Our vision is to use AI chip technology to help humans achieve a better life: under the new round of artificial intelligence technology, the physical world based on "atoms" and the digital world based on "bits" will achieve perfect integration. The first bridge from the atom to the bit is the 3D visual "sense intelligence" technology! Ainstec will use space-aware chips and intelligent processing chips as its core engines to become the pioneer and leader in the global exploration of atomic and bit-world connections.