About Us

AINSTEC is a leading innovation company in China focusing on "AI+3D" chip technology. We have developed MEMS sensor chip and low power AI chip independently. Those chips won the "excellent" pride of major breakthroughs of the Chinese academy of sciences, which will be used to empower 3D-sensing devices with edge intelligence in the 5G era.

Our Advantages

The MEMS chip integrated by Ainstec is independently researched and developed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Ainstec masters all production processes and designs all instruction set and algorithm in the AI chip which can be integrated and optimized for low-power 3D applications. 

We focus on MEMS and AI chips

AINSTEC has developed the fully-sensing intelligent technology chain from MEMS manufacturing process and driver control technology to system architecture and deep learning algorithms. We realized high-speed and high-precision 3D reconstruction and recognition through MEMS chips (eyes) and ultra-low-power dedicated AI processors (Brain), transforming the 3D physical world into the 3D digital world.

Application scenario